Mother’s Day 2019 tribute to my mumma!

Dear Mom,  

There will never be enough words to describe how much you mean to me. There are no words beautiful enough to illuminate or exemplify the gratitude, love, and admiration I have for you.

I can’t think of enough descriptive words that would magnify how radiant and inspiring you are to not only me, but to everyone you meet.

We go back a long way mom (obviously) and since the day I was born you have demonstrated the meaning unconditional love. You have lifted me up time and time again,and picked me up when I fall to pieces (literally and figuratively) . Your natural rays of sunshine light up my darkest days and guide me into the light. You have never failed to be there when I need you and even when i don’t. You have seen me at my worst, and  my best, and everything in between and you have loved me threw and threw. You’ve always been my biggest fan and the president of my cheer squad.

I have always been thankful for you, even when I was too stubborn to acknowledge it.

Every single day I am thankful for you never giving up on me. With every bone in your body, with every morsel of strength you had, you gave 100 % to making sure I had everything I needed. You were my greatest support and my strongest advocate. You fought not only for me, but with me every day until I i was strong enough to fight for myself.  

There were days when neither of  us thought we could go on, but you did, we both did. You never left my side, and even though your heart might of been breaking, you never let it show. You just took on warrior stance and conquered the world. You graciously gave Jordan  & I everything you had while you stood by with your arms and heart open for the two of us to forever have a home within you. Your kind smile and gigantic heart has always fed my soul.

Having you always in my corner has given me not only hope, but vitality to keep going, to keep growing, to follow my dreams, and to pursue my passion and to be brave.

I watch you as a grandmother and I am terrified that I will never measure up, (not even close) to the mom that you were, the mom that you are, and the self-less, kind, thoughtful, and gentle grammy that my girls are fortunate enough to call theirs.  

Like I said, there will never be the right words powerful enough to give the way I feel about you true meaning, but from the core of my soul and with every ounce of my heart, you will forever be one of the biggest reasons I smile every single day, and someone I aspire to be like.

I am honored to be your daughter, and although I don’t say it nearly enough, I love you to the moon and back and I am so thankful that you are not only my mom, but my very best friend.

Love always,


Mother’s Day – May 12th 2019

One thought on “Mother’s Day 2019 tribute to my mumma!

  1. That was the most beautiful note anyone has ever written to me. It is I who is honored to be your mother… so proud I am of you who has accomplished so much and come so far , beating so many obstacles. You need not worry about measuring up to me or anyone. Be yourself and you will always be fabulous!!!


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