New Year, New Me?

With the Hype of a brand New year approaching and the focus on resolutions for the new year. If “New year, New me” is your thing, well all the power to you, but for me and thru out my recovery, I was constantly creating fresh starts. No need to wait for a New Year….


I still do, and you should to.


Every moment of every day is something new, something unseen, something un yet lived. It’s new, there for a fresh start,


Recovery is anything but linear, and on those moments when you are feeling defeated, depleted and everything in between it’s really powerful to stop, take a breath and say “ a new moment starts now.” Reset, Refresh, start over.


There’s no reason why you have to wait for a new day, a new week, a new month, or a new year. Live each minute for what it is, a moment in time, but not the definition of your life, not the value of you.


There’s going to be bad moments, there might even be bad days, but just because you have a bad morning doesn’t mean you can’t start over for lunch, for the afternoon and make it a positive.


Recovery isn’t black or white, all or nothing, and either is life. Accept that things might not have went the exact what you hoped for or planned, and do everything you can to move thru that feeling.  


So what, you didn’t follow your meal plan to the T? You used an eating disorder behavior? Don’t beat yourself up. Meal time isn’t going anywhere. It;s never going to be your last meal (at least not for a long long long long long long time). You have a million trillion chances to try again. Give up that, “Well I already messed up, I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.” mentality and start at the next meal or snack.


Reset, refresh, repeat. That’s the resolution, over and over again.


New year, same you, just more forgiveness, more self compassion, more kindness, and more FReEDom.


Happy New Year!!!


With Love,


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