Holiday Cheer?

With the holidays approaching sooner than later, it can sometimes feel like complete and total chaos.


I know my regular every day anxiety is at a maximum high during all of this hustle and bustle busy time of year.


I wanted to take a quick pause for a deep breath.  



I want you to really hear me.


It is okay to not be okay. It’s TOTALLY okay. For some, the holidays are filled with happiness, friendship, family, joy, delicious food, relaxation, peace, and love.


For other’s it can be a dark and lonely time filled with heartache, and pain.


And for some, like myself it could be a mix of both which is okay too.


It is okay to enjoy some parts, but struggle with others.


If you know me personally, you probably know that the holidays are sort of hit or miss with me.

Some years are easier than others.  Although I have so much in my life to be thankful for, there’s so much that I struggle with daily. There’s so much I wish was different. There’s so much out of my control and It’s okay! We are allowed to feel these things.


This is not going to be a post where I give you some magical way to get thru the holidays, because I don’t have that. I don’t have any list or any tricks because, TBH (TO BE HONEST) it varies year to year for me.


Even if we take the food completely out of the equation (because we know, it’s not about the food, but it is about the food, but wait what does that even mean? We can save that for a rainy day) holidays can still be a huge buzz kill or mood challenger.


This is my advice for you.


Don’t set your expectations too high. If all you do is get thru the day, fine. You did it. That’s HUGE!!!!!

If you make it to the table, good for you, if you don’t THAT’s OKAY.

Be real, be honest, and reach out for support.

Set boundaries for what you feel comfortable discussing. This is YOUR recovery.


Remember to breath. Sometimes a simple deep breath can reset your mind and even your body. (Even if it doesn’t last.)


Be gentle with yourself.

Let yourself feel.


Whatever happens, this is just one day. This day doesn’t define you. It’s just a letter to a word in a sentence that happens to be part one of the chapters you are writing for your book of life.


Tomorrow is a brand new day

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