Settling in to Set Point

33922420_10101869493462256_1564937270635528192_o.jpgSet Point Theory is defined as a range of weight the body has to perform the best. When trying to lose weight, the body will fight to maintain the particular weight range. … Ultimately the set point is the weight range in which your particular body is programmed to function at its best. Finding your set point and also being at peace with your set point weight can be challenging. I spent years fighting my body, trying to change my body into something it wasn’t. Even well into recovery I was still in a constant war with my own self to look a certain way.

One day, I gave in, I swept left on my Eating Disorder as Jessica Sprengle, one of my Revovery Idols would say) I decided to love my body for what it was and how it’s supposed to be. My Eating Disorder voice was Defeated. Being thin was no longer “in.”

My body may have changed, but so have I. I gave up a little, and got back even more. It takes serious courage and strength to basically defy gravity and do the opposite of what our society expects us to do. (Accept your body and yourself the way you are.)

I am present in my life and in my children’s life. I am actually happy, energetic, and ready for whatever life throws at me. I am not a prisoner in my own skin, I don’t live by the scale, I’m not a calorie counter, or nutrition label scanner.  I allow myself to nourish my body in the way that it deserves.

Being at my set point means my body is comfortable. My body can relax because it is healthy. It trusts that there will be a next meal, it doesn’t have to go into reserves or overdrive.  My weight does not spiral out of control in either directions because my body and I are settled, we are in sync and we are at our set point and i’ll choose set point over my eating disorder every single day because living with an eating disorder is not living at all. 





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