As I mentioned in my last post, This week was Eating Disorder Awareness Week. It was a crazy week for me, where I had events almost every single day and my main focal point and priority this week was promoting all of these events.

There was a storm yesterday so until today my mind was jut deer in the head lights. We are home today with no power and now my mind can rest, ponder, and reflect on this weeks journey.

What comes to my mind first is, just WOW. Wow to the incredible people I encountered, conversed with, and listened to this week. The eating disorder recovery community is pretty freakin rad, and here is why.

  1. I met so many different types of people this week all with unique and inspiring stories. Either struggling with their own disorder, in recovery, a family member or care giver to someone with an eating disorder, or working in the field of eating disorders, each person I met was dedicated to the same cause of eating disorder treatment, prevention, recovery, awareness, and education. I love that we all come from diverse back rounds, cultures, and even treatment back rounds, but we all can relate to each others experiences. We get it, and we connect, we listen to each other, we bond, we collaborate, we teach, we help.
  2. I am so thankful for the connections I have and continue to make as an Eating Disorder survivor, and recovery advocate. I am so proud of how far we have come fighting the stigma that has been associated with Eating Disorders, teaching the community, promoting health at every size, and in reality, just talking about something that so needs to be discussed.
  3. The stories of recovery I heard this week were powerful, brave, and triumphant. Each story unraveled for different reasons, yet each story touched my heart, and resinated with my beliefs and reasons for recovery.

Eating Disorder Awareness week is a lot. A lot of social media posts, blogs, links, campaigns, video’s and opinions across our news feeds. I believe in what we are doing, I appreciate the posts, it means something to me, this is my passion, this is my world. Do others? Are we promoting and sharing the right way? Are people outside of our eating disorder relm or sphere appreciating this, understanding this, and learning from us, or are they scrolling right by? I can’t help but wonder, but I also can’t help but not really care that much because if I can help even 1 person, change 1 person’s view or opinion, or educate even 1 person, I am doing my job. I know this EDAW week that I did that. We are in this together.

It’s been a long week, filled with a ton of emotions, flash backs, and even some scary memories. It’s part of the week. You took the good stuff with the hard stuff. In the end I feel proud. Proud of my journey, proud of my accomplishments, and proud of my future.

EDAW 2018 ❤

Over and out!




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