About Brenna

Beautifully Brave

My name is Brenna & I am an Eating Disorder recovery speaker, mentor, advocate, and writer. 

Beautifully Brave is the way I describe my story of Eating Disorder Recovery. I struggled for way too long. I was a slave to the scale, and my Eating disorder was louder than I was capable of hearing.

BRAVE is how I feel about doing the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and recovering from my eating disorder. I feel like my recovery story is beautiful, maybe not pretty because there’s some tough stuff in there but in between the heart ache, loneliness, self-destruction, betrayal, lies, and defeat, I became me…Beautifully Brave. I recovered fully from my Eating Disorder and I am passionate about helping others face their demons and fully recover too. It wasn’t easy and there’s still days that aren’t easy, because let’s face it, we live in the REAL world. Follow my story, reach out for support, you deserve to live your life. Your REAL life.  Start now 

My real life includes being a mental health counselor mom, wife, friend, and daughter.  I am also the Project HEAL Ambassador for our Boston Chapter and I volunteer for MEDA.  I’m a pretty busy lady, but when I have free time you’ll catch me dancing, writing, shopping, and laughing obnoxiously loud.  

I love the beach, Romcoms, nachos, and mary lou’s coffee!!